Nothing in this world is easy,

No one said it would be.

We're so hellbent on perfection,

That we forget life is made up of lessons.  


We're so enticed by wants,

That we forget about what we need.

Our hearts are set on what we believe to be our future,

That we don't see the opportunities right in front of us. 


We're flawed with the beauty of imperfection,

But we see it as a bad omen.

We take everything we want,

But we give nothing back. 


Humanity has fallen apart,

leaving behind it's true meaning to be sane.

We've given up our dignity,

And traded it for a shameful way of living.  


We're perfectly flawed humans,

Who seek perfection of another standard. 

Our injustice actions cause destruction,

And our hearts forever live a lie of eternity.  


There is no perfection in our imperfect way of living.

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