When your life is a mess and you feel like you have nothing left,
all you can do is try your very best.
You only fail when you give up,
you have to know that you don't suck-
try harder, push farther,
strive for the best, you're better than the rest.

When everyone deceives you and tells you you fail,
this isn't their life or their story to tell.

You will make mistakes and hurt somebody you love;
learning from it helps you rise above.

It's okay to be imperfect, that's the way we were born-
so put a smile on that face daily, even when your heart is torn.

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My poems come from the heart and my experiences in life. I had a hard life growing up and going through so much, but God has blessed me through it all. I want my readers to apply my poetry to their own lives, so I write in a way they can understand. Writing has always been my gateway drug. Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry and also read about me.