The dents and cracks and crevices in the ceiling above me
Are like those of the world
They are almost hidden
They hide themselves until someone is willing to find them
My eyes scan the surface
They stretch out before me knowing that I am looking for them
One crack starts and another ends up going in its path
Like a young boy follows in his father's footsteps
They twist and turn and intersect
They look like a path on a map that is impossible to understand
So the destination is never found
And I stare as the cracks go deeper
I trace them with my eyes to memorize them
As if I will need them someday to get to a destination of my own
They move towards the edges and I am in a trance
I am unaware as the ceiling breaks apart and falls around me
I am so caught up in this idea of perfection
It deceives me so I will not see the things that are wrong
With this ceiling that is over my head
I will only be able to bask in its beauty
That it is forcing me to focus on
And this is what the world is doing to humanity
The world is filled with cracks and imperfections
And we are blind to them
Because we are pulled towards what we find beautiful
Soon enough the cracks will expand
The world will break and we will no longer be able to see beauty

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