I see the imperfections that he has,
They’re like an open book.
Even when this all began,
It only took one look.

His imperfections are marked,
They’re deep in his skin.
His arms show his pain,
revealing his true grin.

Even though he has them,
I see past the ugly scars.
I only see his love for me,
And see he’s still perfect to me.

He smiles so big and bright,
Forgetting that he has them.
I look deep into his eyes,
Telling him I’ll never regret him.

Regretting him is something,
I could never do.
Even though he has his scars,
The love I feel for him is something that’s so new.

New and beautiful,
Is how this love feels.
Perfect in every way,
The thing I see in him.

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