Different types of people,
White, Black, Tanned, and Yellowish,
All are unique in their very own beauty,
All shined in their differences.

Mistakes made, sins commited, the damaged have done,
Wrong move, wrong click, wrong post
But we're all human we made all those things in different ways.

Anxiety, depression, insecurities,
All are serious matter,
But they laugh at it as if they never experienced that before,
What if the table have turned and y'all are in that position.

Words that can kill,
Words stuck between my mouth,
Words that contains disappointment,
What have happened to all the imperfect people, they are trying to be perfect.

Imperfections, different problems,
Different ways to make us different from each other,
Different paths to be uncover,
But we are born humans that are imperfect.

Different stories to blame each other,
Different agendas,
All are one that wants attention,
Just be quiet and learn how to respect our imperfections.

Silence is the best way to ease imperfections,
Respecting, loving our own species,
Enough of those trying to be perfect,
Wake up people you're imperfect just the way you are.

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