Imperfectly Yours

I am not your perfect dream girl
An untouched testament to youth you've created
I am not some inanimate goal for your ego
Just a disposable girl-shaped standard
A twisted, unwilling computation of your merit
I am not your damn validation

You spent over a decade tucking away ennobled memories
Rejection and inadequacy all feeding the flame
It's like that old game--pass go, collect one girl you know
And the one you couldn't have
Attempt to conjure ghosts with prayers that if answered,
Would ruin your perfect legend
You're hitching a noose to hang us both

The air so thin I can't breathe on this pedestal
Prisoner of your flawless photographic memories
Along with your irrefutable narrative, a distorted perception
Your expectations--toxic loaded with assumptions
Your glass angel, with marble wings
Try to fly away to be destroyed

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