Rumors you start,
attention you need.
Child neglect?
You're an adult now,
look ahead.
Why do you hurt yourself?
To be gratified,
for attention,
for a false sense of love?
To feel needed?
Are you pleased to the point that you grieve?
Stop doing it to yourself.
Realize your silence is key.
Perfection, me!
Think, speak wisely, speak truthfully.
Be honest, throughtful with recognition that the truth can be heard!
No lies!
There's a purpose to lies..
To hurt and destroy others.
To make matters worst there's a block of darkness blocking you from making matters worst.
Tearing you down.
Be purposeful, to be kind, towards yourself and others.
Rumors stop!
Begin, begin to acknowledge that your true purpose
is to focus on yourself, your growth.
Not to gratify your needs to be needy and heard!
Self love, acknowledge your existence to grow.
Walk and love yourself, push the love around the world.
It's clear!
Stay clear from the devil's horns and be happy!
Go to school,
move some mountains,
protect yourself and those around you!
See you're cleared, cleared to be whoever you want to be.
The person inside that wants to escape reality needs to solve a mystery.
Who am I?
A leader,
self taught.
mover and shaker.
Lover of all.


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