A timeline is what you look at,
seems like mine is out of whack.
Parts don't make sense,
I learn to love and never look back.
I learn a new lesson and still I pay for debt.
I do what is right then screw up only to pay a price.
My life was once free thanks to our lady liberty,
but now it's a shackle, restrained and dead in vein.
You couldn't understand,
I welcome you to my demented wonderland,
try and live in my mind?
You'll live to only die!
The overwhelming messed-up feelings
that ponder in my mind,
you dare try and understand?
They are far more dangerous than a gun in your hand.
You have no strength like mine;
I keep my demons from eating me alive.
I have power over my darkest thoughts,
nothing can compare to what I've fought.
You are weak and I am Tzeentch,
try as you may,
in my mind you'll rot and decay.

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