Have you ever tried to touch
The stars?
Start a cliche opening as this,
And then ask again
Have you ever tried to touch the stars?
Have you tried to reach up with your eyes.
Reach again and try to touch them.
To try to take all elegantly brilliant light they beam into
My brown, average in comparison, eyes
Reflecting the mirroring image
Of a black piece of paper, with paper tack holes stabbed into it
And a flashlight flickering through it to gleam.
Yet I will ask again have you ever tried to touch the stars?
Touch something impossibly perfect.
Its not something we can brush with our
Fingerprinted tips,
But feel within our embodiment.
When we channel ourselves to touch the end that's endless
That we pursue to reach up and grasp the impossible perfect.
Maybe because as humans
We are not perfect, we strive for the image of 100 percent quality
the perfect frame, face, voice, embodiment.
We strive to meet the state of the stars above us,
But they are untouchable.

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