Impossible Love

I look to my right, you're no longer there,
Totally vanished right into thin air-
Gone to never see until the next available date,
Despite trying to overcome the inevitable fate.
'Cause memories and histories seem to rule the block,
Making it improbable that you would let me be your rock.
I know the flame inside you just wants to fight to be free,
But I think I can change your outlook-though, you might disagree.
Is it wrong that I don't want to miss you but kiss you?
Too bad life is more than an intricate issue.
It's hard to move on and get you out of my mind,
When its with you that I really want to spend the rest of my time.
And I know you have your reasons, and I have mine, too;
It just sucks that they won't allow me to be with you.
But guess what I'm not giving up on it, just giving it time,
To see if later you and me can be our own harmonious rhyme.
Let's try to hang out soon, you seem to make the time stand still.
If not? Hopefully, I'll just see you at the next valley or hill.

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