Imprisoned by You

Cradled in your arms, I lay
now less solitude from your touch
A desperate echo, my lips will pray
That you shall crave me, just as much.
Your eyes engulf me into you
Captivate me with their light.
Dazzled by the things you do
Left blind and desperate for your sight.
Your warm breath against my skin
The chill bumps that arise
I think I found my heaven when
You gazed into my eyes.
The solemn patches of a winter's grey
Harbor themselves in the sun's crest.
Despairing for yet another day
With you nestled against my breast.
Clinging to the memory of you
And craving every kiss
I beacon you to love me too
And fall into this bliss.
Hold me baby, as I do you
Guided by faith, in destiny you'll see
For if the stars are pure and true-
You'll find your way to me.
I miss you, as the turning of day
And every second we're apart
Within my dreams you always lay
Imprisoned in my heart.

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