Four walls contain my body
But my soul has gone long ago
No person behind this physical being
My vessel to life is trapped inside
Consciousness reflects what I'm seeing
As I stare blankly at the grey cement wall
I slowly become more aware of
Thoughts penetrating deep into my mind
They consume me and won't let me go
Forcing my eyes to gradually become blind
Constantly pushing me to the edge
Tipping me forward and just barely pulling me back
All the while knowing
I am not able to be salvaged
I'll eventually tip too far
I've already been so damaged
As I'm falling I'll feel calm
Floating peacefully to my bed
In those last few moments airborne
Where I'll exhale my last breath
But for now I sit mindlessly, awaiting what's to come
Silence besides sighs
Letting inattentive thoughts travel through my head
Leaving just as easily as they arise
Not holding onto anything
Realizing nothing is permanent, and everything is temporary

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