In a Bound Chain

At midnight I entered a large mansion, To visit my estranged Dad, Who stayed alone in the dark expansion,
And lived a life very sad.
When the door had opened, I crept inside,
Greated by an eerie voice,
Of the spirits that walked and did abide,
Because of my father's choice.
The coldness of the draft did fill the air,
As I ventured the next floor,
Hearing again that wailing voice upstairs,
That would haunt me as before.
There I saw my dad's face glad to see me,
Asking how we were doing,
I told him we were fine as we can be,
Having goals we're pursuing.
Suddenly the ghost spirit shrieked higher,
Which made me cry out of fear,
So my dad suggest I leave there entirely,
And dryed from my eye a tear.
I bid him farewell but would come once more,
To visit this lonely soul,
Filled with dark sin he did store,
Living in a place that was very droll.
I escaped down the stairs and out the door,
Destined to flee home for peace,
I prayed to God who knows what is in store,
To give him peace that never cease.

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