In a daze

You got me in a daze. you got me walking around in a maze searching for your love. I found ya babe, you got me so amazed with your praise. tell me which way to go from here babe.Because i am in a phase that i cannot seem to get out of. help me out babe with your loving that's going on to get me into a lane that i will keep in walking forward. Oh babe you got me in a daze. walking around in a maze, oh babe your love is the only thing that's leading me to my saving grace. walking through the maze seeing you at every corner got my heart in a daze. because you got me so amazed with your loving. help me out here babe im so lost without you come help me please get through this phase that got me going through circles through the maze, I know the wave you got me feeling when you're near babe when you're afar babe i sense your aura crashing up and down through me. oh babe you got my soul singing melodies of the keyboard playing our favorite song. oh you got me in a daze oh babe i never wanna leave this maze because you got me babe you got me babe. you're the only thing that amazes me that puts me through a loving maze that leads to a beautiful destination of dreams that is going to come true. oh babe you got me in a daze a daze a daze to where i be dazing for days gazing at your presence for better days oh babe why you have to be so far come back to the maze and put me in a daze.

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This Poems Story

when you are in love all you can think about is that person and you feel like you're in a daze.