In a Distance

As I climbed the hill of grassy green,
I could only imagine would I could have seen.
The battleground must have been a mystical quiet,
each wondering if it were he who would perish,
and lay amongst the wild.
The wild be that of clover and white lace;
forget the smell of blood that just took place.

In a distance, I hear my mama call. I can hear her voice and
she knows this was not my choice.
Oh Mama you know I am still your boy.
Wish I could be cradled in your arms.
We each are men and yet we are our mama's boy,
Did she have us only to die.
Oh inside, she must have cried. I bet she wonders
from where I will come, be it by box or by foot.
Will she know what the war took. My love of God, land, and
fellow man made me take this journey.

In a distance the roar of the drum, could this mean we are
all done, do we pick up arms or lay them down. The sun is
a glare and I'm on the ground, my eyes ache from the dry
who are you, friend or spy.
I must lay still, I must be quiet, for they are here, off
in a distance.

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