In A Field Of Stars

In a Field of Stars everything is
silent and nothing is in your way,
siting, reminiscing and having a
good time even by yourself;
everything seems to be all right,
no care in the world just thinking
about the future this is what I dream for,
no drama, no conflicts just me,
myself and that one person, he might be
one person to himself
but to you his the world and nothing
can change that, hoping and
wishing for that day to arrive
when he will say the words you truly
felt by his side, I love the feeling
of relief when I'm by myself and
there is no care in the world;
but I wish to have that something that
can make me feel the same,
to make it all worth while nothing to crazy
just someone to be around with but
that's just a dream and this is nothing
but a fantasy that I know may never happen.....

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