The perfect kind of activism is quiet, unassuming.
It doesn’t get in the way,
Doesn’t cause an inconvenience,
Doesn’t make a fuss,
Doesn’t offend
Doesn’t challenge,
Allows for ignorance to reign, regardless of the facts.
Doesn’t bat an eye when people are attacked
Stands far enough away, as to avoid the flak
No shrapnel, repercussions even noticed, just ignored,
Brushed off its shoulders like dandruff,
It will never be enough
No, this perfect kind of activism is pretty, untarnished,
Unbothered, it uses lies as a varnish
It sticks to one issue, never questions,
Never fights back, lays low
Never takes up someone’s space,
Always easily replaced
This perfect kind of activism does nothing to redefine the norms,
Or push for more equality
Or equity
Or change
This perfect kind of activism is simply put,

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