In America

In America, you should have
the unalienable right
to go to the store for your skittles and
iced tea and NOT
get dead on the way home
Is that too much to ask?
I don't think so, but obviously, I don't know the
"whole" story, now do I?
I mean the kid was wearing a hoodie
a hoodie for christ's sake
he was asking'
for it, askin' for it
they would tell you
the NRA and FOX NEWS
always fair and balanced you know
The kid was menacing, menacing I tell you
all 150 skinny pounds
of him talkin' to his
girlfriend on his cell
He had to Die, he had to
his very presence
frightened the 200 lb.
rent a cop wannabe
we can't have That
now can we?
not in America

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