In an Instant

Embracing the glorious handiwork of the ocean
my thoughts reflect back to us.
How it was, and how I wanted it to be.
Rippling waves leave me forever speechless.
Thinking of what we had left to offer to one another
And in an instant you were gone.

I ponder at the sight of flying seagulls
for our love was forceful in their flight.
How we protected one another, and survived the fittest.
In the stillness of an ever glowing sunrise
I yearn for what could have been for us.
And in an instant you were gone.

Basking in the glory of a magical sea
my memories are embedded in my heart forever.
How we looked at one another and we both knew.
Upon the clammy sand, I shall always see your face.
For with each new crimson dawn, my heart shall be uplifted.
And in an instant you were gone.

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