In Bloom

It has not gone away,
the thoughts are always in my head.
They play like a record when I wake
and do not stop until bed.
Am I upset because I could not prevent it?
People act like they care, but I know they pretend it.
How many times will this happen
before others want change?
Only things that rarely happen are considered strange.
So don’t tell me “that is crazy”
or that you “cannot believe it”.
Women are attacked everyday,
you just say you do not see it.
It seems like today women have no safe place,
people just want us for our bodies and face.
But the thing about pain is it is turned into power,
and how beautiful it is to taste the sweet through the sour.
They say “Hell has no rath like a woman scorned”,
but hell has no rath like a woman reborn.
When I feel this pain, sadness, or sorrow,
I think of how I can change things tomorrow.
I am a fighter, a sister, a friend, and a lover.
I will not stop fighting for all women, children, and mothers.
We are all stronger together and should have one goal in sight,
We will not stop fighting for all women’s rights.

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