In Case

In case I failed to tell you the world spins around you
It stops when you walk and listens when you speak
Let me be the first to create a meal in your honor
Discover a language for you to translate
Let me plant seeds in your name
Build countries with your interests in mind
Hew out mountain trails and ocean views to replicate your beauty
In case you didn't notice the sun followed you on your journey today
And the moon led you home
In case I didn't tell you how lovely you are
Let me rally to uplift your soul
Allow to me bathe in your essence
Create art that captures your intensity
Let me produce the music that synchronizes your heart with mine
Let me dance to the rhythm of your spirit
In case I neglected to mention to you how exquisite you are
Let me start by telling you how soft your lips are
Your curves are an artist's dream
Your touch is as smooth as honey awakening my body's senses
The sound of your voice arouses my sweetness
Let me exhale and inhale your scent
Surrendering all of me, leaving nothing uncovered
Because today, I discovered delectable you

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