In Confusion 2.0

By Ethos   

You said that you were in love but your were just in confusion
There was so much love lost but you were the only one loosing
You had mistaken lust for love and accepted its intrusion
Then you gained an insatiable lust for love
Which created an insidious infusion
It clouded your judgement
It’s the only explanation for the path you are choosing,
Your heart got hold of your mind
That’s why your ideals of love are misconstruing
Try to understand that your true feelings were never wrong
It’s just that you were moving to the rhythm of love when it was a lust song all along.
The time passages of a greater love hold dear to your heart
But , those feelings are long gone
From the start, true colors were shown
Plus, your overbearing love turned into organized chaos
which was eventually outgrown
They say home is where the heart is but I guess the heart just never came home
Misconceptions got you all alone in this house of love
Thoughts of everlasting love confuses your mind and becomes your drug
Mind full of memories of gentle kisses and the warm feeling of loving hugs
When you say you’re in love I just think that’s a selfish excuse that you’re using
Time and time again it’s been proven of its abusion
You think that you’re in love but your just in confusion
So be free and break hold of that paradise of illusions
Accept this wisdom as truth and hold dear to that absolution

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