In Disguise

Grace in Disguise
If you say what you feel, not just what you think,
You'll find that these two are so far out of sync.
The mind can play tricks, but the heart never lies.
What can seem like a curse is pure grace in disguise.

If you spend your whole life in the past, looking back,
You'll see that the future finds its way off the track.
To make someone else happy, but sell yourself short,
Is like having the ship but not leaving the port.

If you just follow the tide, you get lost in the waves,
But you must first be scared before you can be brave.
You can't make a difference if you choose to conform,
And to always hold back means to stray from the storm.

If you avoid the storm, you avoid the rain,
But a life holding back becomes less than mundane.
To just go through life's motions may bring no mistake,
But if you don't first hit the gas, you won't learn how to brake.

Each little flaw is one more lesson learned,
And what once seemed impossible has now quickly turned.
The mountains you see, the obstacles as they rise.
May first seem like a curse, but are grace in disguise.

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