In Eden with Adam and Eve

From the beginning of the world, Adam and Eve were peaceful and holy
They used to live in pairs, naming the birds and other animals
They just had a joyful and glorious life
They obeyed God, which was the key of their success
Listening to God made them holy
The world was clean, and they did not sin
There were no sicknesses, no deaths, or any disaster

After they introduced the devil into their hearts,
The whole world changed and got upside-down
They started to follow the devil's words
They were starting to see what they never saw
There was sickness, death and pain
We are still seeing these disasters today
That's because we walked away from God's words
We listen and obey the words of the devil
But there is a time to come
A time that will end every disaster
We will be walking on golden streets
We will finally see God's face again

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