In Her Arms

I woke up this morning
With my mind on Her...

When she was twenty-one
She gave life to me
Wrapped me in love
Prayed for my prosperity
She kissed me on my eyelids
And I fell asleep
A long, long dream of love
That I thought would never end

But we are so small
And life is complicated
Hate is here,
but so is patient love
And love gets broken

To love and lose is a nightmare
but inevitable, and painful
I want to be angry
So that I won't miss Her
So, I'm waiting
Waiting to wake up from this
Waiting for someone to tell me
That it was all a dream

To lose Her is surreal
And it feels like I'm just waiting
Waiting for Her to come home
And wrap me in her arms
To fuss with me or joke with me
Give a piece of priceless advice

I know that when I wake up from this
It means that I'm living above the earth
I'll be next to Her and I'll be crying
My tears will be from Joy
And I'll be Home, because
I'll be in Her arms again

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