In Her Eyes

Silence fills the church
Everyone here knows the hurt
You are now forever gone
But the memories of you will still live on
Laughter, pain, hurt, and hate
But here I stand outside thy gate
My tears are now in motion
So much so I filled the oceans
The pain in my tears
The hurt in my eyes is something that cannot be a lie.
I have never met you
Nor heard your name
but my tears are still filled with pain
Your body is gone and we say goodbye
But I will forever see your love in her eyes.
It burns so bright and hard
That my own heart is beating in woe
My emotions swinging
To and fro
Do not let your tears go unshed
Because the moment you lay yourself to bed
Those memories will run through your head
The sound of whimpers in the air
The soft sound that moves every fiber, every hair
Your body is gone, and we say goodbye
But I will always see your love in her eyes.

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