In her head.

Confinement for of brain in its frail yet simplistic stature. A piece of many bones in the body. Might it be the most important bone in the body. Arteries and veins pulsating twenty-four seven, but what if one day it stoped working. There is no what if, because it will. Complexity paired with a timeline. The important bone we call a skull is a defense against the cognitive choices we make day by day. Seconds pass red and white blood cells carry on. The wall of an major artery becomes weaker and more delicate than ever. Was there even a way to detect it? Her life hangs in the balance of time. Yet time moves on. An open wound in the brain concealed within now stained tissue. Why didn’t someone catch that? Did it have to wait till the point of no return? The loss of consciousness and soon after nothing. She is here but SHE is not. Family there and the room falls silent. The rhythmic pattern of a machine filled the room. That is all I heard that day over and over until it was silent too

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