In her lunch hour

In her lunch hour, she sits alone
In the courtyard, she doesn’t want to look up
Excuse me Miss, could you put a conversation on loan?
Hold on one second, my mind I must redevelop
This poem goes out to those who eat their lunches as loners
Thank you for getting out there & those days you don’t overdevelop

Sometimes it’s just hard to get out there & enjoy the Sunshine
I know this, but still girls like you sit in courtyards
There’s daze when we sit inside and the anxieties outshine
But we miss all the animals from the barnyards
Knowing us though, we probably too busy worrying about ending up in the graveyards
We’re too busy darkening to figure out how to shine
Please don’t make us go those extra yards

Calm down, young woman, there is a solution
Flip the bird and continue doing what you’re doing to make you happy
Take care of yourself to clean up your mind’s shitty pollution
Go get some air when you’re feeling crappy
Follow your heart, ignore the world in order to find resolution
Don’t let your lunch also take your life down the crapshoot

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