In Her Soil

I had a dream last night
A dream that I was a newborn seed
falling from Father Sky
Falling from Father Sky to impregnate Mother Gaia
with new growth

Oh how I fell...
Fell deep into an open womb in Her earth
Deep into Her open womb as my hearth
Deep into Her where I would be rebirthed

As I fell deeper into Her
I became enfolded within Her layers of warm rich soil
Embraced by Her warm rich soil that implanted me deep
Implanted me deep into Her love
Her earthly embryonic love

Then the rain fell
...fell upon us - moist, warm, wet rain - fell upon us....
Rain that penetrated Her layers and germinated me
Together they spore me into a new individual

A new individual that would walk once again
Walk upon Her earth within the dreams of my life
A new individual with Her roots as my feet
Roots that would connect me once again to Her core
A new individual with Her branches as my hands
Branches that would touch upon the wisdom of Father Sky
A new individual with Her trunk as my belly
My belly so round and full
So round and full with Her breath
Her breath that I would fully breathe
Until we are breathing together as one
Together as one being
Together in Her soil

In Her soil where all I see is...
Her beauty above me
Her beauty below me
Her beauty in me
Her beauty all around me

In Her soil where all I see is...
Her beauty growing from fertile green earth
Up to Her endless cerulean sky
To inbetween where all Her beauty lies

In Her soil where all I see is...
Her beauty that surrounds me
Her beauty that abounds me
Her beauty that is all around me
Her beauty that always astounds me

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