In love

I love the way you walk bow-legged
You're in my heart & soul baby
I want it all and I won't let go baby
Each night as I hold you close
deep in my heart I truly know
their will never be another
Forever and always II'll love you like no other
I wanna crawl deep inside you
I wanna feel just what forevers like
I'm gonna love you till the end of time
When I look deep inside your eyes I see everything you try to so hard to hide
I know I told you that I'd never lie
I broke your trust, that I can't deny
You need to know just how I've changed inside
Those things that hurt you must be left behind
You cannot let our past eat you alive
When I hold you tight each night pulling you close with all my might
I know our love will never die
I'm fighting, dying to get inside you
I pray to God you'll give me one more try
That you'll find the desire deep within
and cease with these punishments for my sins
These resentments are from so long ago
Can you please please try to find the inner peace in letting go
Only then will your heart truly mend
ending all the suffering fears and ends
I'm asking you to take a step and rise above this may be our only chance to experience true love

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