In Love with a Memory

I am in love with nothing but the memories
Pick any theme, love, freedom, or even the simplicity of beauty
The long embraces, the tears which may involve my fears,
And also your voice
I am in love with nothing but the memories

Awaiting the laughter that was sure to arrive any time now
Thinking of this moment of distress
While wearing this beautiful dress,
And pretending to have this genuine smile, and, and, and.
Wait, I digress.

I have walked through this maze that you call your mind
I have watched the darkness as it collides
With everything that you attempt to hide.

Yet we choose to remain insane in this box filled with our pain
Claustrophobia seems more appealing than succumbing to reality
The clouds that once danced with our dreams have ceased
Now dragging along the humility

You see I remain frozen in time
Lost in this chaotic labyrinth of this complex mind
Forced to my knees with the decision of life or death.
Awaiting the arrival of the only one that looks beyond physicality

I am in love with nothing, but the memories.

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