In Loving Memory

The angel with the broken halo smiles at me
He calls me love, and honey too
His smile looks like honey dew
On a warm spring morning, when the sun is just starting to peak though
After a long nights rain

But he is hiding a secret, deep within his brain
He has known an un-godly amount of pain
Yet he endlessly chooses to smile again
He conquers all of life’s trials with the spirit of a hundred men, an effortless strain
When he walks, he walks like thunder and rain
And he when speaks, heaven drips from his lips, his eyes reflect the same
He lived everyday like it was his last, until the very moment his time came

On the night he flew away, time cursed his finger tips
And this ever fearless angel, kissed death on the lips
Then all the chemicals were released in his brain, fireworks for the lame
His accident now haunts those of us that remain
Dreaming of days passed, his smile permanently inhabits our brains

Oh but I bet he died with that all encompassing smile on his face
Oh but I bet he died laughing
I bet the sounds of his joy echoed, then were gone without a trace

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