In Moments

How can one be so incredibly lost?
The right so plain, and the wrong so stark…
Yet decisions are made through one’s life;
In the years, in the months, in the days,
In the hours, in the minutes, in the seconds,
In moments.

How can we know what is right, yet so eagerly despise it?
Each moment that passes choices are chosen…
And as every circumstance passes, moments are made;
Good ones, bad ones, worthwhile, and futile,
Beneficial, and destructive, blissful, and detrimental,
All in moments.

How can follies be worn with like medals?
Destructive behaviors have become our pride…
Frequent is the encouragement of abominable things;
Premarital sex, abortions, and slanders,
LGBT, rebellion, and hurtful mannerisms,
Compromises which too, occur in moments.

How can we choose to defy our God?
We’re watching our nation turn and lash at our King…
Shall none of us do anything?!?!
Stand up! Be strong! Hold firm in faith in full belief!
He is LORD! Savior! Christ Jesus our King!

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