In My Emotions You’ll Get Lost

Round bold beauty EYES.. underneath the pigment of skin
WHY are you staring at me ?
Deep white beautiful smile.. Formed by lips
Why do you smile at me ?
Is your train on thought...Could it be of me
If body language speaks motion..then mines says
want to be free
Angles in retrospect .. signals directed
But my Still blurred
Over.. exhaustion Dances with blank
So I l tend to lose my words
Forming with on what i cannot grasp to say ..
Artery pumping of blood .. my heart
has come along way
Like the process of .. being born
My emotions are created in a ..sack
Time brings its true form..
Like giving birth.. appearing
like a magical act..
Something finally hits me..and it brings an explosion
To the way i feel
Numbing my every aspect .. on what i once thought was
With the instrument of soft tissue .. my ears
Hear the voices of muttered words
Text booking .. thinking it makes it better
Not realizing its not perfered..

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