In my emotions

This house named Bonnie House is the house that I am missing.
Nobody knows the pain I am feeling .
When I go to my new place I am going to be in my room and keep my distance.
This poem is coming from the heart and its whole heartily written.
One day my pain is going to go away and I am going to be winning
At this new place which is a residential home my mind is feeling up with these negative thoughts oh man my head is spinning.
My paranoia is so high in this place my paranoia got me thinking some people from this place is going to steal my money.
So I tell the new staff to hide my money.
I worked hard for my hundred and twenties.

one day I am going to share my success story with bonnie.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written when I exited my group home in Pasadena and when I Came to a residential home in Alhambra. It explains how i felt about Bonnie house and how much I missed the home and how I felt in this residential home that I am in and came to when I first stared at the residential home