In My Mind

Its brain numbing, colder than the vacuum of space.
As I'm alone and I envision your face. There's nothing in this world that could ever replace that space.
 In my mind.
I wish I was asleep at 3 a.m., so I could wake you up with breakfast.
But for that to happen and have to be Alakazam and if I had those Powers nothing would affect us.
In my mind.
It's mind-blowing, hotter than the Vortex of the sun.
I'll be alone and I'll create you a space and the lace I place in your space shall never be replaced!
Now if I lay it correctly you will trace my Pace that I take in this giant orbiting space.
In my mind.
Now you see, in my lifetime I've learned allot.
Allot of that was with your mother.
I won't lie the love she had will never see another.
But now it's over in the result was you!
So lovely, so beautiful, so cute!
I promise you could win any dispute!
In my mind.
Right now I'm held back, it's like some form of a free prison.
But when I finally get you I'll already have risen.
I'll have risen above all the clouds and I'll let my shadow shroud all the little forests of grass the ants live in.
You see my swinging arms and positive attitude will affect the wind that blows.
  In my mind!
I promise I love you and you'll always be mine!
I'll hold you every night after every story time!
I'll tuck you in and shut off your light.
But only, in my mind.

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For my baby.