In My Shoes

When you've been in my shoes,
The world yells at you, "No."
You try to go
But they keep pulling you in,
Won't let you win
Though you're begging on your knees.
In my shoes,
Little girls cry about their families,
Not understanding,
But demanding
To know why Sissy is packing.
Brother is gone
And her whole world is crumbling apart.
Bad from the start
And now she has a cold little heart.
In my shoes,
Simple things in life are the best.
When you're depressed,
You see darkness and
Feel fire in your chest.
So little things help a little,
Just a little.
In my shoes,
You wouldn't last a day and a night,
So hold on tight.
Live the life you want to be living
And live it right.
You never know when you'll be
In my shoes.

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