In My Time of Darkness

I sit there looking at myself,
Who am i to you,
Can you see me,
Do you hear my cries,
Do you see the pain buried deep in my eyes,

No one talks to me,
I wonder the halls is it my fault,
Do i need to change,
What do i do to be accepted into the world of today,
I look at my self in disgust,

If you seen me crying you would walk by and not even care,
You do not know me so you ignore the pain of someone else,
Scared that this might be it i let out a deep cry for help,
You still do not see or hear me,
Or do you,

I head to a parent less home,
Grab my gun,
I only need one bullet,
Then theirs a knock on the door,
A old friend,
A old friend that saved my life;

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