In Pursuit of Childhood

By Esther   

A strange music floats in the silent summer night -
The song of a flickering smile in the trembling candle-light;
It rose to the surface for a brief respite,
To be engulfed by the dark magic of Night.

The birds are asleep in their nests,
The song of the day nestled in their troubled breasts,
For, it's still many an hour to dawn,
Still many an hour to the morning song.

In the flickering flame of my fading friend,
I'll wander about till the long night's end,
In pursuit of my lost self, hiding in its den,
In its little place down the memory lane.

Draped in the cloak of an innocent night,
Tears rush back to a long-lost child.
I never marked the moment it left my hand,
And went rushing out into the cruel world.

The lost treasures of the rash, young day,
Little hopes, little smiles long gone astray,
Trickle in through the shattered window-pane;
Stars smile down on Childhood's reign.

Wistful eyes look up to the sky,
To the ocean where dreams still laugh, still fly,
And years back, in these hours wee,
It ran away - the child in me.

A flicker and lo! Out goes the flame,
Out goes the hope, out goes the dream!
The night is pierced by Morning's cry,
The celestial choir bids me goodbye.

In the trace of the first light of the coming morn,
I find myself in the graveyard before a tombstone,
Before the grave of the beloved child;
Tears glisten on the face of the morning, mild.

The sun's heartless words knock at the door,
"The child in you is no more, no more."

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This Poems Story

It was just an ordinary morning, when I heard the nurse's voice, "Your child , Miss." It slithered into my arms , its expectant eyes gazing intently into my mine and I clung onto it-my only key to a world that's gone and my only path out of the dark pit, into which I have thrown myself. Thus, I welcomed my little one- the poem.