In Quest of Peace

At times, to solitude when I return
In quest of peace, requested by the mind
Diverse are they the thoughts that flood my mind,
That makes the paths thus formed unclear, in turn.
The paths beckon me as if with concern.
Some disappear to leave the ones refined,
When on the edge of mind they're quarantined,
Hence yielding would be paradigms to churn.
Our thoughts are diverse and much unconfined,
So are all that reveal signs of mankind.
The perfect peace is found elsewhere, my friend;
So, peace is bound in nature, we discern.
For serenity and peace, when I yearn
To encompassing nature, I return.

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This Poems Story

Diverse thoughts of humans create conflicting effects. The perfect peace, therefore, should exist where there are no signs of humans, or in the absence of anything created by them i.e. the mystery of peace is in nature.