In Spite of Fate

In Spite of Fate
the Universe cradles gently the orneriest of hearts, her child,
for desperation weeps.
despondence encompasses the foreign harmony,
billowing like a freckled mist to a wave of the perpetual
fingers fades.
“Most beloved child, progeny of
the blissful hues of Eden and the flames of eternal Hell,
to what do you owe your anguish?
“Noble cub, a murmuring brook tells not, but water’s still image
upon your gaze displays no truer criminal.
“Ignorance above all else your greatest hindrance, offspring,
enlighten oneself;
and declare independence from misery rightfully humbled.
“Fate has Man misconceived. Bound not, child, the laws
of perpetuity to you do not apply.”
trembling skin of the Universe’s most beloved
do star-glossed lips embrace,
whispers savage let fly the sweet eurekas of existence.
“Progeny of the forces of time, child, listen,
for beyond conception
you are powerful. A wolf lies not indoors,
therefore, permit not yourself the world’s to tame.
“Beautiful child, beloved spirit of my own,
lament no longer.
Lament no longer.”

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