In the Absence of Light Hope is not Lost.

By L.Smith   

In the absence of light will my little soul collapse?
As the excellence of the night sky dies
Will my little soul lose its only guide?
When the darkness consumes the round of earth and
Nears the edge of my world will, my little soul have
Hope to spare? A refugee to keep safe?

But, the absence of light does not mean the absence of
Hope. The absence of light does not strip my little
Soul of memories it holds, not ones of spring showers
Or the thrills of first love not of hushed giggles and
Smiles dripping of honeycomb.

The absence of light must not bind my little soul
But, My little soul most overcome with its last hope.
The absence of light will not cause pain to
The dear ones I love, but my little soul never fixing
Its broken light will leave them there to rot.

So a warning to my little soul
Although dark surrounds all, the universe
Never unveils its greatest plans until
Little souls overcome and find meaning on their own.

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