In the Beginning

I don't remember the exact day we met, if I had to guess
I would say you were there waiting for me on the day I was born.
As a child I was too young to know your name
yet I was all too familiar with your touch.
You would never yell or be forceful, no that's not your way.
You would simply whisper in my ear those things
that gradually slowed my growth and ultimately caused my disability.

At first you would only speak when life served up a disappointment.
Hurriedly you would say things like,
"You're not good enough," and, "why would someone love you?"
But because I was young and strong, I continued to press on.

But oh, how persistent you are!
You were not dismayed by my repeated attempts to move forward at all.
Patience is a virtue, but there's nothing virtuous in your intent.

Many years we have been together and your once opportunistic jabs
are no longer limited to life's whims.
During the good times and the bad times, you are there,
making sure that my sweet moments are tainted with a hint of bitter
and my bad times are full of anguish and despair.

I wish I knew what drew you to me and what keeps you with me now
because there is nothing that I would not do, to not have known you
in the beginning.

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This Poems Story

Yelonda was born in Stratford, NJ, to Joseph Sykes and Valerie Bryant. Yelonda not only writes but sings and is also an actress. "In the Beginning" is one of several works which collectively tell the story of the challenges she has faced and her resolve. Although passionate about the arts, nothing compares to the love she has for God and for her two sons Towan and Christopher.