In the Blink of an Eye

I look back into my past,
Reminiscing all the childhood memories that went by too fast.
From wearing onesies and frantically running around with a pacifier,
To wearing my mother’s heels and playing with her hairdryer.
I was happy then, oblivious to all the pain and trouble faced by the world.
Hide-and-go-seek, musical chairs, seeing myself playing hopscotch in the body of a little girl.
Now I think to myself “Oh what a simple time to be alive!”
Funny how all that vanished in the blink of an eye.
Remembering how happy I was to sit on his lap,
Thinking about all the moments and memories that I wish I can turn back.
No chaos or responsibilities,
Just a go lucky gal living life to her fullest dreams.
As time passed, I realized the truth and faced reality:
I have to keep my head high and prepare for what is to come to me.
Innocence is no longer a part of me, things going in and out of my mind,
Funny how all that happened in the blink of an eye.
I look into the mirror and see a young woman staring back at me.
“You are strong and beautiful”, I say. She says the same to me.
Amidst all my independence and maturity,
My eyes and mind still search for the younger me.
Years passed, I grew up and could not forget
How hard I have to work to achieve the best
Now, I am looking forward to the future, glad but terrified
Knowing that all will come in the blink of an eye

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