In The Blood


I come from a place off 'reality road'
and though my memory falters with things I should know,
it salvaged a scene of a jungle gym, hauled out of the dump
A come up of rust over chipped lead paints
Fort Kent was like hell for the sinners,
but far worse for saints
I feel the North Woods, even now, call me to them
A place that only gave back,
while our cancer plowed through them
1/18 Cherokee, but made to feel alluded to
as somehow mutts aren't good enough, on either side, to stand
for what we're all going through
It's despicable, the separation we're adhering to,
of someone else's version of success
Remember their words are just meant to make a mess,
of our urge to relate to wilderness
and each other, and our mother,
and one another
End them; change the meaning of 'farmer';
change the meaning of 'work',
and give purpose to 'armor'
Protect your family, and life in all of it's forms;
cultivate and protect your foods,
to become something beyond what you depend on
Escape into landscapes, and want nothing more
because there is nothing more, but a nightmare

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