In the Brown study

I being in brown study, without having noticed the sound of anybody not of even myself,not of my innervoice, so mesmerized was I in the lucidity of your voice.
The way,I have chosen,my dear which no one can even hear as that path wasn’t so clear full of thorns, stones and beer.
I don’t know about your vision of life, but I am their,in that plight whatever may be the difficulty, will face it togetherbwith same intensity.
May be we are two by part but we have a single Soul and Heart, I promise we will never be apart, sitting side by side in a beautiful cart.
Leaving behind,this beautiful world, we will fly,with the dint of a word That word is nothing,other than LOVE, enough to reside their,all above.

Everyday I row the boat, in the sea of your tears,
I love this world,in which you dwell,Ohh you my dear,
But you my love for whom I draw the portrait so clear,
I had always send the messages,for which you never cared.
I always say,but you never read,
And each time in those lines,I got dead,
OHH! you see,Where I lie on the streets
Where I am ready to dwell,and you won't ever meet.
Hey,where are you my love,
In middle of rain,I always drove,
And you Angel,Broke my glass with a stone,
To make me feel alone.
OH!where is your Soul,
And I got it,Inside my own!
So,I want to tell you
I crawled alone,and missed you,
On the path,you had never walked,
In the picture of mine,I always draw
In the picture of mine,I always draw

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