In the Dark

The demons of insecurity always knock at 3am,
And there's something about the darkness that means I let them in.
I go dancing with the devil,
He has me sinking to my knees,
And I don't know what to tell you, I don't know what to believe.

Lying in the darkness, every topic looms.
Add two scoops of questions and stir with a spoon.
My mind gets up to wander,
Roam across the plains,
And I lie here wondering am I tired or just insane?

You know you really want to. You know you really don't.
You know that they don't mean that. Are you really sure they won't?
Can you really trust that person? Can you really trust yourself?
Aren't you better of with fences? Shouldn't you be someone else?

He's a cunning savvy devil; he always finds his niche
And even though I know he's coming he will still beggar belief.
He steals away my silence,
He steals away my peace,
And leaves me feeling naked, like there's nothing underneath.

It's a nightly ritual, a dance that I know well,
I do take all precautions, but still fall under his spell.
I resign myself to dancing,
I know I'm going to fall,
And so I tell myself that truly it's darkest before the dawn.

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