In the Dark

In the dark of night I can be anyone I wish to be.
Dreams come, emotions blur, I wake up to the forgetful cocktails.

In the dark, falling asleep is difficult for me.
Day-to-day worries are slowly etched in the woeful tales.

At one time I was confident of my path.
Darkness was just one more easily conquered part.

In the dark, there was no need to hold in my wrath.
The world slowly tore away my beating heart.

People so easily judge those that they cannot see--
No care for others in our society.

Some have a litigious nature that one cannot foresee.
Those cause grief and make one sad with the desire to flee.

In the dark of night I weather through the stress.
My family is a solid stone that will not break.

In the dark there will come a time where all must confess.
Only then may there be restful sleep by which one may easily partake.

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