In The Depth of Discovery…

In The Depth of Discovery, There Is Beauty in this Odyssey

Bent over underwater,
goosebumps wander.
The thrilling tide thrashes me.
I cannot breathe, I cannot speak,
a wetness so overpowering.

I come up for air, down my neck the wind breathes.
Embracing the steady racing, an uncontrollable penetrating,
the riptide captivates my spine.
Pulsing with the motions, there's no other like the ocean.
There is beauty in the broken as I am chosen.

Falling deeper to the bottom, I'm in the middle of a midnight masterpiece,
drifting freely, as the sunken moonlight continues painting my body.

I'm exploding sparkling release.
I've hit rock bottom, the ocean floor traces my knees.
I cannot breathe, I cannot speak;
a wetness so overpowering, such beauty smothering.

Drifting freely once again in the middle of this midnight masterpiece,
breaking through the surface, an inhaling exhaling gasping,
I surrender to this passion swimming through me.
I am breaking.
A flooding chill crashing, gently carries me.
I am floating on top of the open.

Raging is this riptide,
it throws me back down to the empty deep.
My eyes are in the back of my mind.
Dominating my skin, the impact opens me.
Violently I am changing, a seductive saving.
A colliding craving, I have felt a new-found re-arranging.

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