In the Depths [June 26, 2015]

This deep sinking feeling
It takes root in my essence
Below the surface, far from home
I feel alone without your presence

In this dark abyss I lie
Like a cocoon wrapped in silk
So familiar, without pride
In the depths I do hide

So cold and all alone
In the depths I'm on my own
Without a conscious, without a soul
I fall deeper in this hole

The water closes in around me
And now i feel the anger of the sea
It crushes me, steals my breath
Closer and closer I come to death

Fighting back with all my might
I push at the sea in the night
Dark, Black, Blood Wine
On my blood the water must dine

Rock Bottom I hit the floor
And now I found what I stand for
I crouch in the depths, with all my might
I push off the ground ready for a fight

I broke the cocoon and grew my wings
Alone and dark in the depths I became
Something more, something less
Here and now I must confess

I have sinned, I have done wrong
I have killed, to become strong
This watery grave exists in us all
Secrets, lies, you too must fall
In the depths

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